Accelerated Coach Training (Level 1)

Accelerated Coach Training (Level 1)


THE A.C.T. is an in-depth, 15 week course designed for people just like you who desire to use basic coaching skills in their everyday life. Learn how to unlock the dreams and potential in yourself and others.

A.C.T. uses a live virtual format. You will work with a trainer, a cohort peer, online resources and personal study with activation exercises. Trainees do not need to travel, you only need to have access to a computer with strong internet, a reliable phone, and a private space to attend the live classes. We also recommend a hands free headset for ease of calling during the sessions.


  • A.C.T. employs a combination of two one-day workshops, eight teleclass training sessions, and eight personal coaching sessions with a peer coach and/or coach trainer, to create personal transformation in the lives of the trainees.
  • YOU’LL PRACTICE skills including asking powerful questions, active listening, the G.R.O.W. model of coaching, redefining success and failure, catalyzing in depth coaching conversations, and setting up a coaching client relationship. This sustainable personal change will position you to replicate the experience with others.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE shifts when the leaders each experience personal change and practice our methodologies.


  • Core values – Deeply grasp the ten core Lifeforming coaching values and integrate them into your coaching and leadership practices
  • Coaching defined – Be able to define what coaching is, how it differs from mentoring and counseling, and then be able to develop and use basic coaching skills
  • Intuitive listening – Learn to listen with your intuition for the keywords that can take the conversation to the transformational level
  • Powerful questions – Develop the skill of asking powerful questions which can open up new perspectives without causing a reaction
  • Authenticity – Experience an authentic peer relationship and develop the ability to catalyze authenticity with a coaching client
  • Healthy accountability – Experience healthy peer accountability, and demonstrate the ability to offer effective accountability to clients
  • Conversational model – Become adept at using the G.R.O.W. model and O.P.S. paradigm to focus a coaching conversation
  • The coaching relationship – Learn how to establish and structure a coaching relationship, then put that knowledge into practice with a coaching client
  • Action steps – Learn how to develop clear and challenging action steps with a high level of buy-in from the client
  • Expectations – Be able to maintain expectations and momentum in a coaching relationship



Upon successful completion of the ACT you will receive a certificate of completion and be a recognized and equipped “Lifeforming Growth Coach” with Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, Virginia Beach Virginia.You will also be qualified to present the Lifeforming Real Talk Seminar. There are no prerequisites for taking this course. The course is currently being offered in English. Please contact us if you are interested in another language.


Please contact us to find out about payment plan options. We will do our best to work with you however please note a convenience fee will be added to your costs.


Many teams and organizations have used our ACT program for groups of 3 or more. We offer an attractive group discount. Please contact us to take advantage of our group discounts.


For those interested in pursuing coaching at the professional level take advantage of bundling our three professional coaching courses together for a huge 10% discount. BUNDLE ME!

Click to learn more about the Life Focus Track (Level 2)
Click to learn more about the Implementation Track (Level 3)


Those interested in Accreditation with the International Coach Federation will need to upgrade your ACT level to 10.0. Upon completion of this upgrade you will have completed enough Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) needed to apply for your ACC Credential through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and/or to become an ICF Member. This upgrade will be conducted with a recognized ACC, PCC, or MCC  Coach Trainer to fulfill the needed course hours from our partner Lifeforming Leadership Coaching. Please contact us for details.

Course Features

  • Lectures 16
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 50+ hours
  • Skill level Level 1
  • Language English
  • Students 37
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Self

    • Lecture1.1
      Week 1 / Workshop 1: Defining Coaching and Describing the Process
    • Lecture1.2
      Week 2: Active Listening and Powerful Questions/Setting Up Your Peer-Coach Relationship
    • Lecture1.3
      Week 3: Authentic Relationships for Transformational Coaching
    • Lecture1.4
      Week 4: Healthy Accountability
    • Lecture1.5
      Week 5: Learning and Practicing the G.R.O.W. Model
    • Lecture1.6
      Week 6: Observing, Probing and Sifting Paradigm for Coaching Conversations
    • Lecture1.7
      Week 7: How Change Happens
    • Lecture1.8
      Week 8: Redefining Success and Failure
    • Lecture1.9
      Week 9: Setting Up a Coaching Client Relationship

    • Lecture2.1
      Week 10 / Workshop 2: Hands-On Application for Lifeforming Growth Coaching
    • Lecture2.2
      Week 11: Three-way Coaching Appointment (trainer does coaching)
    • Lecture2.3
      Week 12: Three-way Coaching Appointment (peer coaching with trainer feedback)
    • Lecture2.4
      Week 13: Three-way Coaching Appointment (peer coaching with trainer feedback)
    • Lecture2.5
      Week 14: Three-way Coaching Appointment (peer coaching with trainer feedback)
    • Lecture2.6
      Week 15: Summary and Celebration
  • OPTIONAL: Following the Accelerated Coach Training.

    • Lecture3.1
      Week 16 – 18: Continue client coaching and peers continue peer coaching without the coach trainer present
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