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Results matter

In order to maximize the time I spend with each person, I take on a VERY limited number of new clients in comparison to the requests I receive. I value your time as well as my time. We both win when we keep our R.O.I. at it's peak.

My coaching clients

  • go from great to extraordinary.
  • learn to develop high emotional intelligence.
  • gain control of their schedules and enjoy more freedom.
  • trade in blurry & unsure for focused & confident.
  • discover real meaning, purpose, & peace.

I ask new clients to apply for coaching with me for 2 main reasons:

  • It pre-qualifies them to me
    • I know they are ready to invest the needed time, energy & money in themselves.
  • It pre-qualifies me to them
    • My clients know I'm ready and prepared to invest what's needed into their lives.

Coaching Retainer Level (required)

I'm ready to commit!

Perfect for those ready to polish up an area of their life or gain fresh perspective.
SILVER is nearly neutral in color, capable of a high degree of polish & has the highest thermal & electric conductivity of any substance.
Silver Level Benefits
– One, 60 minute coaching session.
– Live 30 min mthly group video call.
– Email support reply within 36 hours.
– Silver level locked features on site.
– Invitation to online community.


Perfect for those who want to increase an area of their life or focus. Our V.I.P. Level
PLATINUM out of the three metals, is the strongest & has the longest shelf-life. The supply of platinum is very limited making it the most expensive & coveted.
Platinum Level Benefits
– Two, 60 minute coaching sessions.
– Priority email support.
– Text encouragement.
– Detailed monthly action plan.
– Live 30 min mthly group video call.
– Platinum level locked features on site.
– Invitation to online community.